Our Beef is unique and here is why!

We as wholistic farmers want the public to know where their meat is coming from. It is important to us to produce the best tasting beef possible by using the traditional methods of Grazing on grass and controlling feed intake to maximise growth, temperature and natural instincts of the animal. By controlling the ageing process from paddock to plate we can guarantee tenderness and flavour.


Every animal is managed daily, moved to carefully selected grazing areas to enhance the natural flavour of the meat. Our Murray Grey herds have a calm temperament, the result of decades of pains taking selection, ensures the beef has maximum opportunities to absorb the strong variance between old and new aged grasses, guaranteeing premium tenderness.

To guarantee excellence in every cut of Wuk Wuk beef,  Grassvale Farms hang every beast in their own specially designed cool rooms for between 14 and 21 days behind locked doors which is 3-4 times longer than most beef is aged. During this time every beast is checked twice per day for temperature to ensure quality control and premium aging.


Himalayan Rock Salt PREMIUM Aged Beef

We produce premium beef by using Himalayan Rock Salt to traditionally age our beef. The period of aging varies from 14-21 days depending on the clients requirements. We use premium grade Himalayan Rock salt to help naturally absorb harmful bacteria during the aging process. This unique technique locks in the artisan grass flavours of the meat and allows our super graded meat to age without interference improving the tenderness to a point that no other grass fed beef can get to. A true jewel product for the most discerning beef eater.

8 Reasons why Wuk Wuk Beef is Better!

Calm, temperament breeding

2  Premium grass pastures

3  No Hormonal Growth Promotants

4  Daily contact with our cattle

5  Aged for 14 – 21 days to guarantee tenderness

6  Restaurant Quality

7  HACCP Certified & Prime Safe licenced

8  Gold Medal and Champion Trophy  2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Foods Award
Best Small Producer Branded Beef

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