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Wuk Wuk Beef Jerky is a handcrafted beef Jerky made in East Gippsland,Victoria.
Our jerky is made on the Farm at Wuk Wuk,  using our own Prime safe licenced smoke house facility.

No Artificial Preservatives
All Grass Fed Aussie Beef
Hand Crafted Real Beef Jerky
Natural High Protein Snack
Large 40g Packs


Ideal for:
Public Bars * Cafes * Tradie Stores * Petrol Stations
Convenience Stores * Events * Butchers * Delicatessens

 Here is the story behind the product

The rich fertile land of the Mitchell River Valley, East Gippsland is home of some of the best farming country in Australia. Nothing short of spectacular hills surround the irrigated flats where we source some of our very best grass fed beef to make into true artisan dried beef jerky.

The unique flavours are created on farm using our original old German drying oven built decades ago. The traditional methods of drying we use allows us to produce the very best for your taste buds to delight in. A family tradition of farming since the Treasure family arrived in 1900, Ken Treasure and his family built “Grassvale” at Wuk Wuk, an award winning farm to what it is today, bio dynamic using organic farming practices in a highly ethical way.

And when you combine great farming with traditional processes and great flavour…
We like to call it    “KEN AWESOME JERKY!”


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