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Happy Camper Gourmet    “The Revolution in Camping Food!”

When you’re in the outdoors, it is often difficult to prepare a gourmet meal after the end of a long day outside. For years campers worldwide have battled     with the lack of choices of hearty gourmet meals that are easy, ready to cook and eat straight out of the container, without the need for special cooking implements and instructions.


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Now you can enjoy Delicious gourmet meals straight out of the Cupboard!.
That’s Right … No need to keep t
hem in the Fridge or Freezer and they also have a best before date of 18 months!!


Choose from…
. Red Wine & Rosemary Lamb Shank- – 450g single serve
. Traditional Mint Gravy Lamb Shank – 450g single serve
. Aussie Lamb Drums in Nanna’s Gravy – 500g 1-2 serves
. Creamy Mushroom & Pink Peppercorn Veal Shank -450g single serve
. Tomato & Basil Meatballs – 1.2Kg Family Pack & 300g single serve
. Cattlemen’s Beef Stew with vegies– 1.2Kg Family Pack & 300g single serve
. NEW Chunky Chicken Casserole (Gluten Free)– 300g single serve
. Drover’s Beef ‘n’ Bean with a hint of spice– 300g single serve
. Damper Premixes:
> Bushman’s Corn Cob Damper – 200g 1-2 serves & 400g 3-4 serves
> Apple & Cinnamon Damper – 150g 1-2 serves & 400g 3-4 serves

With Happy Camper Gourmet meals you now have the latest food storage technology mixed with the benefits of real food cooked to perfection, ready to eat.

For most people, refrigeration and frozen products are carefully chosen, usually to allow more room for cool beverages. With Happy Camper Gourmet meals no refrigeration or freezing is required and you’re not eating tasteless freeze-dried food.

With an 18-month shelf life, this extraordinary meal will always be available on your shelf at home for the last minute escape to your favourite camping spot.

Simply heat the pouch in a pot of boiling water on the campfire or stove, and eat from the bag or serve up on a plate of rice, spaghetti, mashed potato, or vegetables to make the meal even larger.


| General Camping

| Caravan Adventurers

| Motor Home Tourers

| Motorbike Endurance Rider

| Overnight Boating & Fisherman

| Horse Riders

| Work Site Camps

| Hikers

| Military

| Cross Country Snow Skiers

| Scouts

| Truckies

| Bushwalkers

Or A Quick Meal at Home.


Easy to heat and serve – see below reheating methods to see how easy it is!!!Many International Military Services are now using this form of meal to feed their troops. It can be served in the mess hall or eaten in the field. Its versatility allows large storage of Gourmet meals for deployments at quick notice.

We support Australian Farmers; in fact some of the meat in our meals comes directly from our own farm. We understand that good food is Aussie food. We also pay more for our ingredients because we know you want the best. We insist on No MSG, No Artificial Preservatives or Flavourings and next to no imported ingredients.


To order please select the ONLINE ORDER visit our website and we can deliver them to you anywhere in Australia or maybe there is a stockist near you!!