A match made in East Gippsland

As you know the prime cuts of Wuk Wuk Beef goes to the finest restaurants in Melbourne and consumers around Gippsland, but what happens to all the secondary cuts such as round steak?

Well innovative as we are, we have created Happy Camper Gourmet. The secondary cuts are used in the beef meals of our shelf stable camping food.

We have worked with a major food manufacturing company to come up with some unique Aussie style meals for you to enjoy. We are constantly working on new recipes with the food technician to bring out the best in Aussie tucker.

Our company Treasure Group Pty Ltd looks after Happy Camper Gourmet and the marketing of Wuk Wuk beef and all its products. Our development team is working hard to bring you more interesting products from Happy Camper Gourmet in the near future.

You can find out more on Happy Camper Gourmet by clicking here or visit the Happy Camper Gourmet Website by clicking here

You can also order meals through our Happy camper Gourmet website http://happycampergourmet.com.au/?page_id=328